Life Is...Surprising & Miraculous

The Little White House is a place of true miracles. We often hear, when people walk in for the first time, that the loving, peaceful energy can be felt the moment they enter the front door. It doesn’t seem possible that this little Center, funded solely by our loyal donors (we receive zero funding from any government entity), continues to serve our community’s most vulnerable for more than three decades! That alone is a testimony to the miracle that is the Pregnancy Crisis Center.


We are excited to begin sharing some of our extraordinary stories with you on a regular basis. Our first story is one of amazing courage, resilience, and love. When this young mom, Momma F, first came to PCC, she was pretty far along in pregnancy. She was having difficulty establishing prenatal care, so she came to us for help in getting her Medicaid started and to find a provider who would take her on this late in pregnancy.


Momma F was beyond surprised and unprepared when she discovered she was pregnant.  She wasn’t sure the timing was right. She made an appointment with an abortion clinic and was given the “abortion pill”. She took it as directed and went about living life, believing that the pregnancy was behind her and she could work on her many life goals. About six weeks later, Sally had still not had a monthly cycle, but she just assumed her body was still adjusting to the pregnancy and termination. Then, she started feeling “little flutters.” At this point, she took an at-home pregnancy test and was shocked when it was positive.


She returned to the abortion clinic to advise them the pill did not work and she was still pregnant. The clinic's  response was that the baby will surely die and if baby didn’t die, it would most certainly have many issues. Their recommendation was to schedule the surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy once and for all, for the baby’s sake. Momma F, being the strong, courageous, self-assured young woman that she is, ignored their recommendation and sought out other doctors’ opinions because she didn’t trust the clinic anymore. She felt in her heart that if the pill didn’t work, there was a reason and she was supposed to give birth and parent this child.


Shortly after her second visit to the abortion clinic, Momma F made an appointment to come talk with us. We did all of the usual procedures, administered a pregnancy test, gave Proof of Pregnancy to get her Medicaid started, reviewed our resource list to get her connected with the community services she needed. She gave us permission to check in on her every now and then to be sure she and baby were doing well. 


The first check-in text confirmed she was able to get her Medicaid established and her first a doctor’s appointment scheduled. The next text, a few days after her first doctor’s appointment and sonogram, Sally excitedly shared, “It’s a boy! I'm so excited!"  She went on to share, “they said that everything is going perfect and that most of his organs were already done forming when they gave me the pill.” Then, all of sudden, on the computer screen appeared sonogram photos of a beautiful, healthy, perfectly formed baby boy!  Center staff, with tears running down our cheeks, sat in absolute awe at the miraculous photos before us.  


Baby boy was due to arrive in December, however he came a few weeks early, on November 27, 2018.  Both mom and baby did VERY well.  They had a wonderful first Christmas together.  Momma F is eternally grateful for all of the love and prayers that she felt guiding her through this most emotional time in her life.



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