About Us

The Pregnancy Crisis Center is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, non-political community service.  We offer free confidential services to help prospective mothers and their babies, regardless of marital status, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

Our mission is simple.  We help pregnant women have the opportunity to choose life for their babies.  With a "Love First" approach, we strive to show mothers their own intrinsic worth and value so they are able to see the worth and value in the life they are carrying.  We encourage them to finish their education and acquire job skills so they will ultimately achieve self-sufficiency. 

All of our services are provided at no cost.  We are not supported by any local, state, or federal funding.  We are 100% funded by individuals, churches, organizations and businesses.

Meet The Team

Our Founders

In 1973, after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion, Mary Wallis, RN, placed an ad in the Daytona Beach News Journal - "Pregnant Need Help?  Call Mary Wallis, RN".  In 1989, when phone calls exceeded 100 per month, Mary recruited Beverly Strott (former counselor with Birthright in Ohio) and Bunny Rock (president of Volusia County Right to Life).  Together, the three met to pray and discuss the creation of the first Pregnancy Crisis Center in Volusia County.  With the help of  Tina Favis, Dr. Margaret Crossman, volunteer lay-counselors, churches, organizations, businesses and individual donors, the Center was opened on March 1, 1989.  

Center Director


Joanne is passionate about family and the role of motherhood.  Her career has been full of opportunities to live this passion.  Her experience as a parenting educator, care coordinator, and adoption case manager prepared her for her "best job ever" with the Pregnancy Crisis Center.  She feels immensely humbled and blessed to get to carry on the legacy of our founders.  She thanks God everyday to have been chosen to do this work, at this Center, with the most amazing team of volunteers and supporters.

 Office Assistant


Olga moved from Botswana, Africa in 2015.  When she became pregnant in 2017, without the love and support of family and friends, she was overcome with loneliness and fear.  As a black woman and mother, she is passionate about walking beside other mommas who are in need of direction and support.  The Center has given her a place to share her own difficult experience and the lessons learned in order to alleviate the fear and loneliness in other moms. 


Our volunteers have been the foundation of the Pregnancy Crisis Center for more than three decades.  As the hands and feet of Jesus, each one brings unique life experience, perspective, and gifts that are necessary to reach the vulnerable mothers whom the Center serves.  Their faithful commitment to share "Love First"  with our moms and babies changes hearts and saves lives every day.


"Christ has no body now but yours.  No hands, no feet on earth but yours.  Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you are His body.  Christ has no body now on earth but yours."

~ Teresa of Avila


Carrie Anne is a Girl Scout troop leader and was looking for ways to do more community service. Being a single mom of 2 with another on the way, the Pregnancy Crisis Center seemed like the perfect place to get involved. After holding a fundraiser she decided she wanted to do more for Florida families and became a lay counselor. Supporting moms and babies is a passion for her and she is thrilled to get to spend her free time with all the wonderful women at the Center.


A retired teacher, Linda has fun making faces with her grandchildren during FaceTime chats.  Her time with the Center began on an "as needed" basis, helping with the quarterly newsletter and other documents.  She now helps in the office two times per week.  Linda says, "At the Pregnancy Crisis Center, I have found a great opportunity to serve and a "home" in assisting with meeting the needs of our mommas and families."


Since her retirement, Mary Lou found that she had some extra time on her hands and wanted to do something worthwhile.  Her experiences growing up in a large family, as well as raising her own children and enjoying her grandchildren have instilled in her a great appreciation for the gifts of motherhood and family.  She feels blessed to be able to impart her passion for family on to the sweet mommas who walk through the doors of the Little White House.


Nieves, with her husband, three young daughters, and elderly mother moved to the United States from Madrid, Spain in late 2018.  While laying down roots for herself and her family, she had a burning desire to serve her new community helping moms & babies by sharing love and encouragement.  As Nieves ministers to our moms and babies, the Center has given her a place and a purpose in her new country.  In addition to serving as a volunteer (Spanish-speaking) counselor, Nieves also serves as Vice President & Secretary of our Board of Directors.


After working for over 30 years with Special Needs Children and their families in New York, Patricia and her husband moved to Florida.  While seeking out an opportunity to do some meaningful volunteer work, she found the Pregnancy Crisis Center.  Her love of life, family, and children makes the Little White House a perfect fit.  Patricia enjoys spending one morning per week providing one-on-one counseling, facilitating group sessions, and sorting and organizing donations.


Newly retired from a career working in an OB/GYN office, pondering “what next”, Patti was contacted by someone from the Center regarding a volunteer opportunity.  During her time at the doctor’s office, Patti often wished she could do more to help those pregnant moms who were hurting and scared.  She was excited to now have the opportunity to serve these moms in a more personal, hands-on way.  Today, she is so thankful to have found a new purpose in life within the walls of the Little White House.


Peggy is retired from training in the Field of Child Welfare. The reason she went into Child Welfare was because she wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. She also placed a child for adoption in her youth, so she had always wanted to be there for young women who may be in that same position. When she heard of the Pregnancy Crisis Center she was interested in joining them as a lay counselor to be there for the young women and men who need guidance and love on their journey.


Juggling the responsibilities of full-time motherhood and her pursuit of a medical degree, Samara is very excited to serve on our team to help mamas and their babies.  Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, she bridges communication barriers to serve those in need.  With a heart devoted to community service, she finds purpose in aiding those enduring crises, offering her compassion and expertise to alleviate suffering and promote healing.  After moving from Kentucky to Florida, she wants to continue to focus on serving the Hispanic community and educating women about mental health.


Newly retired and new to the area, Tami found herself with extra time on her hands and a desire to serve the community. After meeting Joanne at church and hearing what “The Little White House" does in the community for mommas and families, she decided to volunteer. In her own words, “The Little White House” has given me purpose and as soon as I walked through the door, I knew I was where I was meant to be. 



In addition to serving as a volunteer counselor, Tara serves as our Registered Nurse, signing the Proof of Pregnancy documentation for all of our moms.  (This documentation is required for insurance coverage during pregnancy.)  Sensing a strong need to be of service within the community, coupled with her own personal experiences as a young woman, she is grateful for the opportunity to share wisdom and love with the families the Center serves.  


Vanessa, an US Army Veteran, finds great happiness in helping others and having a positive impact in the world.  In 2020, after completing her Army service, she relocated to Florida with her son and husband, who is still active duty.  While in graduate school, she sought out someplace to give back to the community and found "The Little White House."  Vanessa is grateful to serve and for her caring extended family at the PCC.  "In this space, I feel comfortable expressing my most profound worries and difficulties, confident that I will receive empathy and understanding instead of criticism."