Life Is...Complicated & Fulfilling

As you can imagine, those of us serving our precious moms in the Little White House see our 

fair share of complicated lives. We do our best, in the short time we are with them to encourage, 

educate, and empower our moms with hopes that they will overcome the obstacles mounted 

before them. We do not always know the successes after they walk out the door. So, it is so 

gratifying when a mom stays connected and allows us to walk beside her.


When we first met Momma T she was living at our local domestic abuse shelter. She 

courageously left her abusive partner and was starting over from scratch. While the timing may 

not have been ideal for this pregnancy, she was excited and determined to achieve safety and 

stability before her little baby came into the world.


Several months later, she visited us again with some exciting updates. She had a job and was 

able to purchase a car! She was actively working with a community agency to get her own 

apartment, for her and her sweet son. She expressed concern that she needed baby supplies to be 

prepared and wasn’t sure she would be able to get everything she needed in time for the birth. 

We reminded her that this is why we are here. She was assured that when the time came, we 

would provide whatever we could to get her ready to bring her baby home.


Six weeks later, when she returned for her New Baby Bundle and supplies, she shared that she 

was now on the list for an apartment. She had a new, higher paying job with more advancement 

opportunity. Safety and stability were still concerning, but she was focusing on the positive 

momentum and was feeling happy and very grateful for the support she’s received and the 

progress made.


Just before Christmas her perfectly healthy baby boy came into the world. Her most treasured 

Christmas gift ever. As overjoyed as she was to be able to hold her son in her arms, his birth 

came with new and scary challenges. Baby E’s dad was fighting for custody. He had the 

financial means for a private attorney and was fighting hard to gain access to this vulnerable little 

baby. Determined to keep her family safe, she tapped into her resourcefulness, deep strength, 

and courage to fight. Ultimately, she overcame this mountain and has found freedom from this 

abusive relationship..for herself and her son.


Her most recent message to us was bittersweet. She has been promoted in her job! They are 

moving her little family out of state. To a very cold climate. Very far from Florida. We are sad 

for them to go, but we are so very proud of and inspired by Momma T. She never gave up, never 

lost hope… and turned her complicated life into one full of love and success

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